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Greek Week 2017

April 9th-April 14th

Calling all Greeks!

What is so special about Greek Week?  The answer is: YOU!  As active chapter members, you will have the opportunity this year to participate in the newly revamped Greek Week!  We heard your concerns and suggestions and made 2017 the best year yet!  Come out to meet members of other councils and chapters, get sweet deals for being Greek, and participate in various social media challenges!  Get excited for Greek Week 2017, the year that changed it all.  Stay tuned for updates!

-Maitlan Sullivan
Graduate Assistant, Office of Fraternity and Sorority and Chair of the Greek Week Committee
2017 Greek Awards Nomination Forms:
Greek Awards 2017 - April 14th 3:00 PM
Applications due to on March 10th
Adversity Award Nomination
Alumni Advisor of the Year Award Nomination
Chapter President of the Year Award Nomination
Empowered Bystander Award Nomination
Greek Man/ Greek Woman of the Year Award Nomination
Most Supportive Chapter Award Nomination
The Jason Morales Rising Greek Leader Award Nomination
University Advisor of the Year Award Nomination
The Setor Tsikudo Unsung Hero Award Nomination